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Have Too Many Cookies Spoiled The Broth?

May 26th saw a year pass since the introduction of the new ‘cookie rule’ under PECR but still a few things stand out. How many companies have taken this on board and actually done something about it? How many consumers … Continue reading

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The Legal Profession and Data Protection – Is It Ignorance Or Pure Arrogance?

Once again we hear of another legal eagle being hit by the Information Commissioner for not holding personal information securely. Yet when I contact the local solicitors to try and discuss their data security all I get is silence, is … Continue reading

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Is My Password A Good Password?

This is something I have been asked about many times over the years and basically the password is a secure as you make it. We all have our own idiosyncrasies for the way we ‘design’ our passwords, myself included, but … Continue reading

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Is Vince Cable Really Guilty Of A DP Breach? What About The Blagger?

Interesting question I think as what actually happened? It appears some of his constituency staff decided to be ‘green’ and put out old paperwork for recycling. Unfortunately this included information about his constituents which, quite rightly, they are up in arms … Continue reading

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How Secure Is It When Buying Online?

Given the number of transactions per day online this is a very good question recently asked by one of my readers. It is also quite timely as my debit card was cloned a couple of weeks ago from an online purchase … Continue reading

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Who knows what about you and how do they do it?

You would be surprised how much information about you is publically available and is also used by companies to target their products at you. Let us imagine that Mark is a 20-something who enjoys using a popular social networking site. … Continue reading

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Do you know who you give your information to?

“Excuse me, do you have a few minutes to spare?” is the usual opening line from a ‘chugger’ the name now given to the groups of young people that are in the High Street, usually in a diamond or square … Continue reading

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