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Why is everyone so angry about the proposed EU Data Protection Regulations?

I have been reading about the proposed new EU Regulation on Data Protection and a lot of people seem to be highlighting a lot of what they perceive to be negatives within it, whereas I see them as being positives. … Continue reading

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Is My Password A Good Password?

This is something I have been asked about many times over the years and basically the password is a secure as you make it. We all have our own idiosyncrasies for the way we ‘design’ our passwords, myself included, but … Continue reading

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Who knows what about you and how do they do it?

You would be surprised how much information about you is publically available and is also used by companies to target their products at you. Let us imagine that Mark is a 20-something who enjoys using a popular social networking site. … Continue reading

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How To Get Your Facebook Pages Back The Way They Were…

HOW TO GET YOUR FEED BACK TO NORMAL AGAIN: To get your Facebook feed back to normal: 1.  go to your Account then go to Notifications. 2. At the top right is a box that says Email Frequency. 3. Un-check the box, … Continue reading

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